The Lifeboat: Experiences within the storm

In 2010, Rain Story’s 24-year-old son was killed in a horrific car accident. Later the same year, her brother and her newborn grandson also passed away. Only months later, her stepfather also died. After extreme heartbreak, hard work, and research, Rain created The Lifeboat as a construct to share grief healing tools and share them with anyone that needs them because, within this terrible black storm of grief, we must help one another survive. This book is written not as a “how-to” guide but rather as a frank and candid gathering of Rain’s own unique experiences and research that she uses to keep her own head above water.

This book is designed so that anyone suffering the loss of a child may take from it whatever they need to help them in their grueling journey from this day forward. If someone only needs a nugget of this information to help them, this book was well worth writing again and again. You are not alone. There is a Lifeboat. From it, we are casting out lifelines.

“The Lifeboat: Experiences within the storm” by Rain Story

(All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Christopher’s Lifeboat Foundation.)


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