June 11, 2017

“PTSD v. CG”

Why does it matter what we call it as long as the troubled individual is getting some type of mental health care?  Right?

Click here: CLBF – PTSD v CG


May 31, 2017

“Dating with CG”

Are you living with complicated grief (“CG”) but ready to emerge into the dating scene? This article gives some food for thought as well as insightful considerations so you can have a successful and enjoyable experience. Ready to find love? Let’s go!

Click here:  CLBF – Dating with CG


May 20, 2017

“What Not to Say, What to Say”

Eventually, it happens. You meet someone or know someone close to you who is dealing with grief. Your throat tightens, your tongue swells, and words begin to come out. Knowing what not to say and what to say at this moment is a communication tool that everyone should have. What will you say?

Click here:  CLBF – What not to say



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