Mission Statement

Christopher’s Lifeboat Foundation aids, assists, trains, and educates the grieving, their families, friends, and the general public.  Our goal is to help anyone who suffers from complicated grief and to further knowledge and awareness of issues surrounding it.  We are here to cast out lifelines, to save those drowning in the abysmal sea, and to educate others how they too can help.  Life is worth living.  You are not alone.



Our Story

Christopher’s Lifeboat Foundation was founded in 2014 by its President/CEO Rain Story after the loss of her son, Christopher, in 2010.  Later that same year, she also suffered the loss of her brother and newborn grandson. Reeling from enormous grief that spun off into complicated grief, she knew she had to do something to save herself.  As a researcher with many years of graduate studies under her belt, she did what she knows best; she studied.  The tools that she discovered that helped her process and cope with her complicated grief are now the toolbox and lifelines that you will find here on the foundation’s website. Please take any that you believe will help you for your personal grief or share with someone you know who needs them.

Rain Story, Copyright 2010

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