Lifeboat Creed

Upon this tumultuous black sea
of grief, confusion, and pain,
there is a lifeboat;
a lifeboat looking for me.

I will choose to grab on
to the lifelines thrown to me,
use the ones that I can,
and pull myself from this horrid, swirling, abyss.

Once aboard the rocking vessel,
I vow to assist casting lifelines to others,
and through my own pain and healing,
I vow to live. I vow to love.

I vow to search for beauty every day, and yet,
I vow to never forget,
the beautiful endless memories of you. Memories…

Memories I shall carry,
until one day,
it comes my turn
to join you there.

For now,
I vow to live.
For I,
am a lifeboater.


Photo contributed by Rain Story ©2010




Artwork contributed by Vern Gilllum ©2017

Video by Rain Story ©2015

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